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Need to Breathe


Nothing can derail me and turn my world upside down faster than Jordan and Ray. I want nothing more than to jump willingly onto this roller coaster, fueled by a decade of fantasies. Buckle up Liv, it’s time to let it all go.
My best friend and I made a pact long ago that Olivia was off limits. We both wanted her, but knew we both couldn’t have her, or could we? Seeing her in front of us now, neither of us are planning to walk away from her ever again.
The minute I saw her, she owned me completely. I lived in and out of hell for years without her, and the scent of roses still forces her memory upon me. Now that she’s within my reach, I feel as if it’s a dream, and I never want to wake from it. 

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Need to Feel


 Rose had no idea what was in store for her when she slipped on her cocktail dress to attend a party with her family. Still healing from a recent break up she'd prefer to stay home on the couch wearing some yoga pants, eating ice cream and drinking wine.

If it weren't for the networking opportunities and potential clients, Nicholas Hawthorne would be at home alone and away for the prying conversations of the trophy wives attending. Still bruised and guarded from a traumatic past he'd rather be swinging a hammer or wielding a saw, instead of surrounded by all the money stifling people in this room.

Fate had other plans.

A chance meeting, a choice made, could they find a way to heal together? Would this Rose wilt from the heat, or could he coax this bud to bloom?  

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